Beishui Liao, full professor of logic and computer science at Zhejiang University (since 2013), “Qiushi” Distinguished Professor. He obtained his PhD degree from the College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, in 2006. His main research interests are computational models of argumentation and their application in agents and multi-agent systems, explainable AI and ethical AI.


He is the ‘AI Logic’ corner editor of Journal of Logic and Computation (with Leon van der Torre), a member of the editorial board of Argument & Computation and Journal of Applied Logics – IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications, a member of the IfCoLog office as representative for Asian affairs (since 2019), a steering committee member of DEON (since 2018), COMMA (since 2020) and AWPL (since 2020).

He has published 3 monographs, and a number of papers in some leading journals such as AIJJLCAMAIInformation Sciences, Minds and Machines, Journal of Software (in Chinese with English abstract), Academic Monthly (in Chinese), Philosophical Researches (in Chinese), etc., and top conferences such as IJCAIKR  and COMMA, etc.