Call for Papers: Special Issue on Logics for New Generation Artificial Intelligence
‘AI Logic’ corner, Journal of Logic and Computation

Initial submissions due: August 31, 2021

In an open, dynamic and real environment, logic is an essential tool to build various sophisticated models to enable machines to make rational decisions, to provide effective explanations for human beings, and to ensure that machines behave ethically and legally. It must be combined with Big Data and machine leaning techniques that have been widely used in various forms of a new generation artificial intelligence, such as big data intelligence, swarm intelligence, cross media intelligence, man-machine hybrid enhanced intelligence and autonomous intelligence systems.

The main objectives of the new ‘AI Logic’ corner of the Journal of Logic and Computation are to develop theories and techniques of non-monotonic logics and formal argumentation and apply them to causal reasoning, knowledge graph reasoning, and reasoning about norms and values, in an open, dynamic and real environment. In line with these objectives, a project titled “Research on Logics for New Generation Artificial Intelligence” (LNGAI, 2021-2025) was granted as a major project of the National Social Science Foundation of China in 2020.This project is in turn associated with an annual workshop, called International Workshop on Logics for New Generation Artificial Intelligence (LNGAI). The first workshop, LNGAI 2021, will take place in Hangzhou on 18-20 June 2021.

In connection to LNGAI 2021, this special issue will invite some submissions selected and extended from the papers presented in the workshop. Meanwhile, any other submissions relevant to the `AI logic’ corner are welcome. Topics include but are not limited to the following:
– Argument mining
– Answer set programming
– Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
– Causation/Causal inference
– Commonsense reasoning
– Conditional logics
– Connection between machine-learning and causal inference
– Default logics
– Deontic logic
– Description logics
– Ethical approaches
– Explanation in AI and law
– Formal argumentation
– Graphical causal models/Bayesian networks
– Human-agent explanation
– Knowledge graphs
– Knowledge graph embedding
– Legal argumentation
– Logic-based AI platforms
– Logics in AI applications
– Logics for ethical AI
– Logics for explainable AI
– Markov logic network
– New logics for AI
– Nonmonotonic logics
– Reasoning about Norms and values
– Reasoning about actions and change
– Reasoning about knowledge graphs
– Subgraph reasoning
– Uncertain reasoning

All submissions must comply with the submission guidelines of Journal of Logic and Computation ( and will be peer reviewed.

Editors of this special issue:

  • Beishui Liao, Zhejiang University (‘AI Logic’ corner editor,
  • Fenrong Liu, Tsinghua University (guest editor,
  • Leendert Van der Torre, University of Luxembourg (‘AI Logic’ corner editor,
  • Yi Zhou, Shanghai Center for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Technology (guest editor,