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June 10th (Friday)

Zoom ID: 863 795 64368

Passcode: 971715

June 11th (Saturday)

Zoom ID: 831 953 12855

Passcode: 131763

June 12th (Sunday)

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The digital proceedings can be downloaded via the webpage of collegue publication. Please click here.


This is a preliminary program. Time listed is in China time (GMT+8).

Friday 10 JuneSaturday 11 JuneSunday 12 June
14:50 ~ 15:00Openning
Chair: Bin WeiChair: Xuefeng WenChair: Beishui Liao
15:00 ~ 16:00Henry Prakken
Principle-Based and Principled Formal Studies of Argumentation: The Case of Gradual Semantics
Yongmei Liu
Multi-Agent Epistemic Planning based on Higher-Order Belief Change
Huajun Chen
Neural Symbolic Computing with Knowledge Graph
Chair: Bruno BentzenChair: Chenwei ShiChair: Kaibo Xie
16:15 ~ 16:45Puyin Li, Dov Gabbay, Xiao Chi & You Cheng
Decision Making with Weighted Quantitative Argumentation Based on Regression
David Fuenmayor & Christoph Benzmüller
Higher-order Logic as a Lingua Franca for Logico-Pluralist Argumentation
Chen Chen & Beishui Liao
Evidence Accumulating Arguments in Evidence-Based Argumentation Frameworks
Chair: Réka Markovich
16:45 ~ 17:15J.-Martín Castro-Manzano
Mixing Term Logics
Xuefeng Wen
New Axiomatization of Lewis’ Conditional Logics
Christian Straßer
Some recent developments in the argumentative unification of defeasible reasoning
17:15 ~ 17:45Xiaolong Liang & Yì N. Wáng
Epistemic Logics over Weighted Graphs
Ali Farjami
Experiments in Kratzer Modal Semantics Using Isabelle/HOL (short talk, 15 mins)

Muyun Shao & Beishui Liao
Using ATS to Model Control Argumentation in Multi-agent Settings (short talk, 15 mins)
17:45 ~ 18:15Alexander Sakharov
Calculi and Models for Non-Horn Knowledge Bases Containing Neural and Evaluable Predicates